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Mometasone furoate and olopatadine nasal

Updated 2 Feb 2023 | Nasal allergy


Nasal spray suspension containing mometasone furoate (as the monohydrate) and olopatadine hydrochloride.

Drugs List

  • mometasone and olopatadine 25microgram+600microgram nasal spray
  • RYALTRIS 25microgram+600microgram nasal spray
  • Therapeutic Indications


    Rhinitis - allergic
    Rhinitis - perennial



    2 sprays in each nostril twice daily (morning and evening).


    Children aged 12 years and over
    2 sprays in each nostril twice daily (morning and evening).


    Children under 12 years
    Uncontrolled nasal infection
    Nasal septum perforation
    Recent nasal surgery
    Recent nasal trauma

    Precautions and Warnings

    Uncontrolled systemic infection
    Ocular herpes simplex infection
    Tuberculosis of respiratory tract

    Re-evaluate therapy in active or quiescent pulmonary tuberculosis
    Systemic corticosteroids may be needed during elective surgery
    Systemic corticosteroids may be needed during periods of stress
    Advise ability to drive/operate machinery may be affected by side effects
    Contains benzalkonium chloride
    Advise patient to avoid spraying this preparation into or near the eyes
    If growth in children is slowed, consider referral to a paediatrician
    If visual disturbances occur, perform ophthalmic evaluation
    Inspect nasal mucosa regularly in patients on long term treatment
    Monitor regularly the height of children receiving prolonged treatment
    Prolonged or high dose may lead to adrenal suppression
    Corticosteroids may cause growth retardation in children under 18 years
    Systemic side effects may occur
    Do not withdraw this drug suddenly
    Discontinue if hypersensitivity reactions occur
    Maintain treatment at the lowest effective dose
    Advise patient to avoid alcohol during treatment
    Advise patients to avoid chickenpox, measles etc - see doctor if exposed
    Use regularly to maintain freedom from symptoms

    Systemic effects of intranasal corticosteroids may occur, particularly at high doses prescribed for prolonged periods. Possible systemic effects may include Cushing's syndrome, Cushingoid features, adrenal suppression, growth retardation in children and adolescents, cataracts and glaucoma and, more rarely, a range of psychological or behavioural effects including psychomotor hyperactivity, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression or aggression (particularly in children).

    Use of intranasal corticosteroids with other inhaled corticosteroids could increase the risk of signs or symptoms of hypercorticism and/or suppression of the HPA axis.

    Patients should be examined periodically when being treated for several months or longer for evidence of Candida infection or other signs of adverse effects on the nasal mucosa.

    Olopatadine may cause somnolence in some patients when absorbed systemically. Concurrent use of the nasal suspension with alcohol or other central nervous system (CNS) depressants should be avoided because additional reductions in alertness and impairment of CNS performance may occur.

    Concomitant use of olopatadine with other antihistaminic drugs administered via nasal, ocular or oral route may increase the risk of antihistimine adverse effects.

    Pregnancy and Lactation


    Use mometasone furoate and olopatadine with caution during pregnancy.

    The manufacturer advises caution if mometasone furoate and olopatadine nasal suspension is used during pregnancy. The manufacturer recommends that the nasal suspension is not used in pregnancy unless the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the foetus. Some studies in animals have shown reproductive toxicity following administration of mometasone furoate and also olopatadine. At the time of writing, there is limited data available on the use of mometasone or olopatadine in human pregnancy. Risks are unknown. The manufacturer recommends that infants born to mothers who took corticosteroids during pregnancy should be monitored for hypoadrenalism.


    Use mometasone furoate and olopatadine hydrochloride with caution during breastfeeding.

    The manufacturer notes that mometasone furoate and olopatadine nasal suspension should not be used during breastfeeding unless the potential benefit to the mother justifies the potential risk to the mother or infant. Animal studies have shown excretion of mometasone furoate into milk. It is unknown whether mometasone furoate and/or its metabolites are excreted in human breast milk.

    Side Effects

    Abdominal pain
    Adrenal suppression
    Anaphylactic reaction
    Bacterial vaginosis
    Blurred vision
    Cushing's syndrome
    Cushingoid facies
    Dry eyes
    Dry mouth
    Ear pain
    Growth retardation (children)
    Hypersensitivity reactions
    Increased intra-ocular pressure
    Nasal discomfort
    Nasal dryness
    Nasal irritation
    Nasal mucosa reactions
    Ocular discomfort
    Oropharyngeal pain
    Perforation of nasal septum
    Psychomotor hyperactivity
    Sleep disturbances
    Sore tongue
    Throat irritation
    Upper respiratory tract infection


    It is strongly recommended that the UK National Poisons Information Service be consulted on cases of suspected or actual overdose where there is doubt over the degree of risk or about appropriate management.

    The following number will direct the caller to the relevant local centre (0844) 892 0111

    Information may be obtained if you have access to ToxBase the primary clinical toxicology database of the National Poisons Information Service. This is available via password on the internet ( ) or if this is unavailable at the backup site ( ).

    Further Information

    Last Full Review Date: December 2021

    Reference Sources

    Summary of Product Characteristics: Ryaltris 25microgram/actuation and 600micrograms/actuation Nasal Spray, Suspension. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited. Revised May 2021.

    NICE Evidence Services Available at: Last accessed: 03 December 2021

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