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Clinical Summary

Does Coffee Intake Influence Cardiovascular Outcomes and Mortality Risk?


  • Light-to-moderate coffee intake (0.5-3 cups/day) was independently associated with a lower risk of all-cause and cardiovascular (CV) mortality and incident stroke.
  • Light-to-moderate and high coffee intake were associated with favourable CV outcomes, both in terms of cardiac and arterial health.

Why This Matters

  • Despite coffee being one of the most widely consumed beverages globally, there is limited data available on the long-term effects of its regular consumption on CV health.

Study Design

  • An analysis of 468,629 participants (age, 40-69 years) without clinically manifested heart disease, identified from the UK Biobank (2006-2010).
  • Coffee intake was categorised into 3 groups:
    • zero intake;
    • light-to-moderate intake (0.5-3 cups/day); and
    • high intake (>3 cups/day).
  • The association of coffee intake with all-cause and CV mortality and structural and functional cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) parameters was evaluated.
  • Funding: None disclosed.

Key Results

  • Of 468,629 participants, 103,384 (22.1%) did not consume coffee on a regular basis, 274,088 (58.5%) consumed 0.5-3 cups/day, and 91,157 (19.5%) consumed >3 cups/day.
  • After a median follow-up of 11 years, light-to-moderate coffee consumers vs non-consumers had a lower risk of (adjusted HR; 95% CI):
    • all-cause mortality (0.88; 0.83 to 0.92; P<0.001);
    • CV mortality (0.83; 0.74 to 0.94; P=0.006); and
    • incident stroke (0.79; 0.63 to 0.99; P=0.037).
  • Light-to-moderate coffee intake was significantly linked to a reduction in arterial stiffness index (β= −0.12; 95% CI −0.18 to −0.06; P<0.001).
  • In CMR sub-analysis (n=30,650), both light-to-moderate and high coffee groups categories were associated with a dose-dependent increased left and right ventricular end-diastolic, end-systolic and stroke volumes, and greater left ventricular mass.


  • Data on coffee consumption were self-reported.